Tzofim Friendship Caravan Agur

Friday, July 24 at 6pm

As we approach the exciting visit to NWA by Tzofim, we are thrilled to give you this chance to meet Caravan Agur. Click here for more information about the Scouts. You can see a preview of the scouts on their You Tube video.

The Scouts will arrive on Friday, July 24. They will spend the day with the Temple Shalom Day Campers.

In addition to Tzofim visiting Temple Shalom, we will have a lay-led service at 6pm. Tzofim will join and sing during the service.

Following the service, we will host an Israeli food potluck at 7pm. Please bring a vegetarian/kosher fish dish or salad; do not bring deserts, which will be provided by Temple. Please contact Eden Tallman at (219) 241-1156 if you have questions about the potluck.

Following dinner, Tzofim will perform their traditional show at 8pm.

As is always the case, we do need host families for the scouts and two leaders. To volunteer your hospitality, or for any other information, please call Mark Tallman at (479) 250-5720.