25th AR Holocaust Education Conference

October 28 at The Jones Center
The theme this year is “Out of the Ashes”.

Members of Temple Shalom are invited to attend as in past years. The registration fee is $10 which includes lunch. Presenters are coming from several states around the US. A list of presenters (including a survivor from Denmark) can be found below. Forms to sign up for the workshop will be available within the next 2 weeks. Space is severely limited so sign up when the forms become available.

Download the Official Flyer or Registration Form here

Presenters for 25th Annual
Arkansas Education Holocaust Conference
Steen Metz was a young boy living in Denmark when the Nazis conquered Denmark in 1940. His family experienced three years of occupation until they were arrested and deported to the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp in Czechoslovakia in 1943. This camp was a work camp, not one of the infamous extermination facilities. However, it became a death camp for his father, an attorney, who died within six months of starvation and hard labor.

Kenneth Elkins currently teaches Southwest Missouri State University

Sol Factor has been a Holocaust Educator for over 40 years. He previously taught at Cleveland Heights High School in Cleveland, Ohio.

Lance D. Jones is a USHMM Teacher Fellow, a Fellow of the Memorial Library (New York) and a member of the Holocaust Educators Network (HEN). Mr. Jones has presented at several events including the 2015 Arkansas Holocaust Conference and teaches at Casper College, Casper, WY.

Jacqueline Littlefield served as the Education Coordinator for the Holocaust & Human Rights Center of Maine

Chad Austin will be presenting, “What is Justice: Nuremberg and Tokyo Tribunals and Beyond”