Temple Leaders

Temple Directory

*President: Stanley Rest — president@templeshalomnwa.org
*Vice President: Irene Spalter
*Treasurer: Darla Newman
*Secretary: Wendy Florick
*Rabbi/Adult Education Director: Jacob Adler, (479) 200-1397

Committees and Leaders

  • Building Maintenance: Deb Capp
  • Caring & Social Action: Sharon Berman
  • Events Oversight: Irene Spalter and Eileen Lieber
  • Hillel Adviser: Aleza Greene
  • Hillel Club Representative:
  • Landscape:
  • Life and Legacy: Sharon Berman–lifeandlegacy@templeshalomnwa.org
  • Membership: Traci Wyatt
  • *Mensch Club: Bob Costrell
  • *Minhag: Erin Cohen
  • Newsletter: David Bernstein–newsletter@templeshalomnwa.org
  • *Religious School: Hayya Knopf and Julia Trecanao
  • Security: Jeremy Williams
  • *Sisterhood: Sharon Berman–sisterhood@templeshalomnwa.org
  • Technology: Wendy Florick
  • Temple Email: contact.shalom@gmail.com
  • *At Large Board Members:  Eileen Lieber, Andrew Gaber, Tod Yeslow, Bob Costrell

* indicates Board Member


3 thoughts on “Temple Leaders

  1. Maddie Ayres

    My name is Maddie Ayres and I am doing a project for my anthropology class. I was wondering if I am able to come to a Shabbat Service and maybe interview some people or talk to them after the service. Thanks for your time.


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