Temple Shalom Funds

Donations are always welcome to these funds:

  • General Temple Fund – for current & ongoing needs
  • Religious School
  • New Facility Fund – toward our permanent synagogue
  • Hillel Foundation
  • Jewish Renewal Fund — for Jewish Renewal programs
  • Music Fund — for musical programs and materials
  • New Facility Fund — toward our permanent synagogue
  • Rabbi Discretionary Fund — for Rabbinical use to help individuals in times of need or crisis, or for Temple needs not otherwise funded.  Note: by law, the rabbi may not use this fund for his own benefit. 
  • Rabbi Educational Fund – for the Rabbi’s educational needs

To donate using your credit card or Paypal, click on the donate button.  Write in the comment box which way you wish your funds to be directed.  If you leave the comment blank, we will direct it towards the General Fund.  Thank you!


Temple Shalom of NWA
P.O. Box 3723
Fayetteville, AR 72702

For more information, please e-mail Darla