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Below is a recording of songs and the Torah service, especially for B’nai Mitzvah students, but also for anyone who wants to learn to conduct the Torah service:

Adon Olam


Adon Olam High Holidays


Oseh Shalom


Torah Service Mishkan T’filah


Shalom Aleichem


Kiddush for Friday Evening


Haftarah Trope


Birkat ha-Mazon–Zimun and First Paragraph


Torah Trope


Shabbat Candle Blessing and Hamotzi


Chatzi Kaddish


Siddur Sim Shalom




Trope Chart

Trope Chart








Here, courtesy of http://offtonic.com/nusach/, is sheet music for the Shabbat Evening Kiddush. Note that what you find here is slightly different that the way I, Rabbi Jacob, sing it.  Double click on the music to see a full size copy.

Shabbat Eve Kiddush Sheet Music Part 1Shabbat Eve Kiddush Sheet Music Part 2

Erich Fromm on Shabbat


Zalman Schachter–Living the Sabbath



Shabbat Songs for Religious School



Hineh Mah Tov




Mi Chamocha


Mi She-Berach




Kiddush for Friday Night




Lecha Dodi–First Two and Last Two Verses




Bim Bam