Torah Study – December

Inclement Weather Notice:

If Fayetteville Public Library is closed, Torah Study is canceled. In any case, if you find driving hazardous, please stay home and stay safe.

Saturday, December 2

Genesis 32:4-36:43
Haftarah:  Obadiah 1:1-1:21
Torah leader:  To be determined

Saturday, December 9

Genesis 37:1-40:23
Haftarah:Amos 2:6-3:8
Torah leader:  Faith Ashley

Saturday, December 16

Genesis 41:1–44:17
Maftir:  Numbers 7:30—41
Haftarah:  Zechariah 2:14-4:7
Torah leader:  To be determined

Saturday, December 30

Genesis 47:28-50:26
Haftarah:  I Kings 2:1-2:12
Torah leader:  To be determined

Torah Study – November

Saturday, November 4

Torah Study 10-noon
Genesis 18:1-22:24
Haftarah: II Kings 4:1-37

Saturday, November 11       Note time change:  1-3 pm

Chayei Sara
Genesis 23:1-25:18
Haftarah: I Kings 1:1-1:31
Torah leader:  Miriam Klinzing

Saturday, November 18

Genesis 25:19-28:9
Shabbat Machar Chodesh
Haftarah: I Samuel 20:18-20:42
Torah leader:  Matthew Chalfant

Saturday, November 25

Genesis 28:10-32:3
Haftarah: Hosea 11:7-14:10
Torah leader:  To be determined

Shabbat Services – November

Friday, November 3

No services scheduled

Friday, November 10

No services scheduled

Sat., Nov. 11, 10:00 am
Rabbi-Led Service

Join Rabbi Jacob for a Shabbat morning service.  You think you’ve heard them all, but that week’s Torah reading is Chayei Sarah; one of the exciting Parshas in the entire Tanach.

  • Meet the original Wonder Woman — Rebecca!
  • Hear the nasty secrets when Esau sell his birthright for nothing more than some lentil stew!
  • You’ll be on the edge of your seat when Abraham sends his servant away with many fabulous gifts… But for what?
  • And the shocking ending nobody expected; father and son get married to new wives one after another.

Friday, November 17

No services scheduled

Friday, November 24

No services scheduled

Torah Study October 2017

Saturday, October 7

Shabbat Chol Hamoed
Exodus 33:12-34:26
Haftarah: Ezekiel 38:18-39:16

Saturday, October 14

Genesis 1:1-6:8
Haftarah:  Isaiah 42:5-43:10
Torah leader:  TBD

Saturday, October 28

Genesis 12:1-17:27
Haftarah:  Isaiah 40:27-41:16
Torah leader:  To be determined.

Rosh Hashanah Service Schedule

Wednesday September 20
Evening Service – 7:30pm

Thursday September 21
Morning Service – 10:00am
Children’s Service – 11:15am – 12:00pm
Dairy/Veggie/Fish Potluck – 12:00pm
Tashlich & Dessert at Wilson Park – 2:30pm

Friday September 22
Morning Service – 8:30am
Kiddush & Refreshments – 11:00am
Service continues – 11:30am
Dairy/Veggie Potluck following service – 2:30pm

Sisterhood/Chai Mitzvah

Shabbat Service & Dinner

Friday, September 8, 6:30-8:30 pm

Please join us in celebrating Shabbat and the completion of Chai Mitzvah studies by eleven dedicated students.  Our guest that evening will be Jennifer Daley, 1st VP of WRJ-Southwest District.  She will speak during service.

RSVP required for the sisterhood-sponsored dinner. Email or call Sharon Berman at or 870-208-5454.

Energizing Sisterhood/WRJ Awareness

Saturday, September 9, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Open to all sisterhood members – If you are interested in making our sisterhood more fun and more meaningful, you won’t want to miss this workshop with Jennifer Daley. Please RSVP to Sharon for planning purposes, including lunch.

Crystal Bridges & Dinner on Square

Saturday, September 9, 2:30 – 7:30 pm

Share your favorite art periods and the amazing outdoors Chihuly “In the Woods” installation with Jennifer Daley.  Dinner following, on Bentonville Square.  Please RSVP to Sharon or 870-208-5454.

NOTE: Sisterhood members can choose September 9 MORNING or AFTERNOON activities or DO BOTH.  But please RSVP your plans.


Temple Shalom Labor Day BBQ

Join us on Monday, September 4th at 12:00 pm

at Temple Shalom 

We will have hot dogs,
(Vegetarian dogs also provided)
Chips, Salad, and Watermelon.

Donations appreciated but not required.

Bring your family and friends!  We look forward to seeing you there!


During the Temple Shalom Labor Day Picnic, we will welcome the newest members of our Jewish community.  Faith and Russell Ashley, and their daughter Sarah, recently completed their conversion to Judaism.  This is our opportunity to say Mazel Tov!


Torah Study September 2017

Saturday, September 2

Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19
Haftarah:  Isaiah 54:1-54:10

Saturday, September 9

Deuteronomy 26:1-29:8
Haftarah:  Isaiah 60:1-60:22
Torah leader:  TBD

Saturday, September 16

Deuteronomy 29:9-31:30
Isaiah 61:10-63:9; 55:6-56:8
Torah leader:  TBD

Saturday, September 23  (PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE 2:00 – 4:00)

Deuteronomy 32:1-32:52
Shabbat Shuva
Haftarah: Hosea 14:2-10; Micah 7:18-20; Joel 2:15-27
Torah leader: TBD